On Freedom, Bondage and Rape

Last Updated by Executive Producer Lisa Q. Wolfinger on

In this guest blog post, Co-Creator and Executive Producer Lisa Q. Wolfinger details her team's decision to create three distinct African American characters in an effort to capture the complexity of the African American experience during the Civil War. She also shares her team's choice to not gloss over the misery of Aurelia’s plight.

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Practice and the Science of Medicine

Last Updated by Shauna Devine on

Shauna Devine is a historian of Civil War and American medicine. In this blog post, Devine details Surgeon General William Hammond’s contributions to innovation and science during the Civil War.

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From Southern Ladies to She-Rebels

Last Updated by Anya Jabour on

Anya Jabour, Ph.D., teaches and researches the history of women, families and children in the 19th-century South. In this blog post, Jabour dives deeper into Emma Green’s “rebelliousness” and provides context into changes in traditional definitions of southern femininity for many white women in the Civil War South.

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The Bull on Mr. Bullen

Posted by Jane Schultz on

Jane E. Schultz, Ph.D., is Professor of English and the Medical Humanities and Director of Literature at Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis. In this blog post, Schultz takes a closer look at Mansion House Hospital steward Silas Bullen and real-life stewards during the Civil War, and also provides context to what women of color experienced in this era.

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Becoming "Contrabands"

Last Updated by Audrey Davis on

In this blog post, Audrey P. Davis, Director of the Alexandria Black History Museum, explores the history behind the African American "contrabands" of the 1860s.

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