A House Divided

Last Updated by Audrey Davis on

For the last Season 1 blog post, Audrey P. Davis, Director of the Alexandria Black History Museum, discusses the importance of family and its impact on the contraband community.

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Sore Attachments

Last Updated by Jane Schultz on

In this blog post, Jane E. Schultz, Ph.D., examines the psychological impacts of the war on nurses, as seen with Nurse Mary in the Mercy Street Season Finale.

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Women’s Work and Sex Work in Nineteenth-Century America

Posted by Anya Jabour on

In this blog post, Anya Jabour, Ph.D., examines how the vast majority of self-supporting women continued to eke out an existence in the Civil War era.

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Chloroform and the American Civil War: The Art of Practice and the Science of Medicine

Posted by Shauna Devine on

In this blog post, Shauna Devine, Ph.D., chronicles the introduction of general inhalation anesthesia and how it transformed medical and surgical practice in the mid-19th century.

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“The Diabolical Plot”— Ripped from the Headlines!

Last Updated by Executive Producer Lisa Q. Wolfinger on

In this guest blog post, Co-Creator and Executive Producer Lisa Q. Wolfinger shares with readers two real stories that served as the inspiration for the events in the Mercy Street Season Finale.

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