Mercy Street Season 2, Episode 3 GIF Recap

Last Updated by Mercy Street Editor on

Catch up on Episode 3, One Equal Temper. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Recording Anatomical Practice During the American Civil War

Last Updated by Shauna Devine on

Shauna Devine, Ph.D., explains how photography and medical sketches evolved our knowledge of disease, injury and the toll of combat during the Civil War era.

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'The Freedmen’s Cause': African American Abolitionists

Last Updated by Anya Jabour on

Anya Jabour, Ph.D., explores the courage and perseverance of Harriet Jacobs.

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Charlotte Jenkins and Speaking Truth to Power

Last Updated by Audrey Davis on

Audrey P. Davis, Director of the Alexandria Black History Museum, discusses the parallels between Charlotte Jenkins and real life abolitionists who challenged racism, slavery and the roles of women.

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Moses of Her People: Harriet Tubman and Runaway Slaves

Last Updated by Kenyatta D. Berry on

Genealogist Kenyatta D. Berry discusses the history of Harriet Tubman and how Charlotte Jenkins channels her strength in Mercy Street.

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Reconstructing the Nation’s Memory of the Civil War

Posted by Jim Downs on

Jim Downs is an associate professor of history at Connecticut College. In this blog post, Downs details the true history of the Reconstruction period.

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Journeywomen of the Civil War

Posted by Jane Schultz on

Jane E. Schultz, Ph.D., explains how the growth of the railway and urgent need for qualified nursing staff during wartime led to an explosion in independent women traveling the United States.

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