African American Men in the Union Medical Service

Last Updated by Jane Schultz on

In this blog post, Jane Schultz, Ph.D., gives some background to Samuel Diggs' character by examining the real-life African American men who practiced medicine as surgeons during the Civil War.

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Mercy Street Season 2, Episode 5 GIF Recap

Last Updated by Mercy Street Editor on

Catch up on Episode 5, Unknown Soldier, with an episode recap. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Code-switching and Fluidity as a Strategy for Survival

Last Updated by Audrey Davis on

Audrey P. Davis, Director of the Alexandria Black History Museum, discusses the coping mechanisms African American characters must employ to survive plot twists and power struggles in Mercy Street.

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Roots of Resistance

Last Updated by Kenyatta D. Berry on

Genealogist Kenyatta D. Berry discusses slave resistance in the Colonies and Caribbean, and how education and resistance later went hand-in-hand.

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Making a Change: Educating Former Slaves

Last Updated by Anya Jabour on

Anya Jabour, Ph.D., explains that even though they were denied education in slavery, African Americans were determined to have it in freedom.

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