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Sweepstakes winner Donna Wilson and her daughter Kristina on set

Editor's Note: We continue Mercy Street Revealed's blog posts with another behind-the-scenes look at the making of Season 2. Donna Wilson, of San Dimas, California, won Visit Alexandria's Mercy Street set visit and guided tour sweepstakesDonna won a trip for two to Alexandria, Virginia to see the sights that inspired Mercy Street, plus a visit to the set in Richmond where Season 2 is currently being filmed. Special thanks to our partner Visit Alexandria.

Below, check out what Donna had to say about her experiences!


As a fan of Mercy Street, my daughter Kristina and I were so fortunate to be able to visit the set and all that goes on behind the scenes. The accuracy of every detail relevant to the time period was so impressive and very educational. One of our favorite parts of the tour was exploring the wardrobe room which was a mix of authentic vintage and newly created designs. The magnitude of clothing every cast member and extra wore was astounding. Another highlight was the props trailer where we saw the actual prosthetics used on patients in the show's hospital. The passion and pride for this project was very apparent by the enthusiasm and hard work of the crew and cast.

We then toured “Mercy Street” in Alexandria, Virginia where this series takes place. It was very surreal to visit the historical buildings and shops where our forefathers met and made pivotal decisions 150 years ago. Some favorites visiting Alexandria was the Apothecary Museum where we felt like we stepped into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well as the Carlyle House and Gadsby's Tavern. To see in person what life was like back then and how they lived truly makes you appreciate life as we know it. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, learned so much, and fostered a great respect for what our ancestors went through and their bravery in fighting for freedom and equality that we cherish today. Season 2 can't come soon enough!

— Donna Wilson


Donna and Kristina chat with Luke Macfarlane and Hannah James on setDonna and Kristina chat with Luke Macfarlane and Hannah James on set

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